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A Vision for Branford Public Schools

Tech Plan 2012 - 2015 (PDF) (iBOOK)

MISSION & GOALS: Branford Public Schools students, teachers, administrators, and staff use information and communications technologies (ICT) to support the Branford Public Schools mission and strategic goals.

INSTRUCTION: Branford Public Schools teachers and administrators use ICT to support and advance modern instructional practices for improved student achievement and teacher performance and to engage students in experiences that promote higher order thinking skills

CURRICULUM: Branford Public Schools teachers and adminis- trators use ICT to support greater access to and creation of curriculum based learning processes and content utilizing the Common Core State Standards.

ASSESSMENT: Branford Public Schools uses modern ICT to assess student learning and internal systemwide processes for better and more timely feedback to decision makers.

ADMINISTRATION: Branford Public Schools students, teachers, administrators, and staff use ICT to support administrative tasks, data collection, analysis, dissemination, communication and collaboration with the educational community.

EQUITY: Branford Public Schools administration provides equitable access to ICT to all students and staff 24/7/365 in our schools and 24/7/365 access to tools, information, and other digital resources. 1-to-1 student access to digital devices is a key component to true student equity.

FACILITIES: Branford Public Schools believes it is important for all students, teachers, administrators, and staff to work in school buildings with flexible workspaces that provide easy network and power access.

LEARNING: Branford Public Schools believes that ICT plays a crucial role for all students, teachers, administrators, and staff to become self actualized life long learners through a continuous process of learning how to learn.

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