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New Attendance Policy
Branford High School
Posted On: Friday, September 15, 2017

New Attendance Procedure (BOE Adopted 9-13-17)

Absence from School

Classroom learning experiences are the basis for public school education.  Time lost from class is lost instructional opportunity.  The State Department of Education requires that accurate records be kept of the attendance of each child, and students should not be absent from school without parental knowledge and consent.

If a student is absent from school, the parent or guardian should call the school that morning to report the absence.  If no contact is received, the school will make a reasonable effort to notify the parent or guardian by telephone of the student's absence. 

A student's absence from school shall be considered "excused" if written documentation of the reason for such absence has been submitted within ten (10) school days of the student's return to school and meets the following criteria:

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 11.13.08 AM.png

Responsibility for completion of missed classwork lies with the student, not the teacher.  Unless a student has an extended illness, all make-up work must be completed within five days after the student returns to school.


A student who has four unexcused absences in any one month, or ten unexcused absences in one school year is considered truant. School personnel shall seek cooperation from parents or other persons having control of such child and assist them in remedying and preventing truancy.  

Students identified as truant may be subject to:

(a)  retention in the same grade to acquire necessary skills for promotion or retention.

(b)  a requirement to complete a summer school program successfully before being

      promoted to the next grade or receiving course credit.

Required Documentation

Parent or guardian notes and other documentation are central to determining whether a student's absence is excused or unexcused.  Parent or guardian notes must include dates of absence, specific reason for absence, and signature of parent or guardian. 

Electronic communication is not sufficient to meet this requirement. Hard copies with original signatures are required.  

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