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Meeting Type: Regular Board Meeting
Location: Walsh Intermediate School
Date: 8/15/2007 7:30:00 PM


**This meeting will be videotaped**       Next Meeting:  September 19, 2007

            WEDNESDAY                                                Walsh Intermediate School

                                                                        Faculty Lounge

                                                                        185 Damascus Road

            August 15, 2007                                Branford, CT


7:00 P.M. Reception:  New Hires


7:30 P.M. Regular Board of Education Meeting


I.              Call to Order

II.            Agenda Changes

III.           Approval of Minutes

IV.           Communications

       V.        Honors & Tributes

       VI:        Presentations: 

A.    Branford’s School Enrollment Dynamics & Projections 2007-2116

(Dr. Hyung C. Chung, President, H. C. Planning Consultants, Inc.)

B.    Vision for Branford Public Schools (Dr. Halligan)                                               

       VII.      Public Participation                                              

VIII.      Superintendent’s Report

 IX.       Student Representatives’ Report:

 X.        Committee Reports:

A.  Personnel & Finance Committee.  Next scheduled meeting:

      Wednesday, September 5, 2007, 6:30P.M., Walsh Intermediate

Faculty  Lounge.

B.    Teaching & Learning for the 21st Century Committee.  Next special meeting:  Monday, September 10, 2007  6:30 P.M., Walsh Intermediate Faculty Lounge.

C.    Communication Committee.  Next special meeting:  Monday, September 10, 2007, 8:00 P.M., Walsh Intermediate School Faculty Lounge.


        XI.            Consent Agenda:   

                   A. PERSONNEL

                  1.   Appointments:

                         a. Assistant Principal, Mary T. Murphy School/Literacy Specialist K-8

                        b. Assistant Principal, John B. Sliney/Mary R. Tisko Schools

                       c. Grade 4 Teacher, Mary T. Murphy School

                        d. Grade 3 Teacher, Mary T. Murphy School

                         e. Grade 1 Teacher, Mary T. Murphy School

                        f. .5 Kindergarten Teacher, Mary T. Murphy School

                       g. Psychologist, Mary T. Murphy School

                        h. Psychologist, John B. Sliney School

                        i.  Music Teacher, John B. Sliney School

                        j.  .5 Reading Teacher, Mary R. Tisko School

                        k. Grade 1, Mary R. Tisko School

                         l. World Language French/Spanish Teacher, Walsh Intermediate School

                        m.Social Studies Teacher, Walsh Intermediate School

                         n.Mathematics Teacher, Walsh Intermediate School

                          o. Music Teacher, Walsh Intermediate School

                         p. Grades 5-8 General Music Teacher, Walsh Intermediate School

                         q. Writing Enrichment, Grades 5/6, Walsh Intermediate School

                         r.  Biology Teacher, Branford High School (2)

                         s. Social Studies Teacher, Branford High School

                    2.   Resignations:         

      a.  Physics Teacher, Branford High School

      b. Reading Teacher, John B. Sliney School

      c.  Music Teacher, Walsh Intermediate School

      d. General Music & Chorus Teacher, Walsh Intermediate School

      e. World Language Teacher, Walsh Intermediate School

      f. .5 Strings Teacher, Walsh Intermediate School

      g. Grade 2 Teacher, John B. Sliney School  


August 15, 2007 Branford Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda           Page 2 of 2



       XI.      Consent Agenda:    [Continued]

                  B.  Budget Transfers

                  C.  Budget Transfer Form              


       XII.     DISCUSSION/ ACTION                                                        Policy Reference         

A.    Redistricting Request                                                     5117

B.    Proposed Tuition Rate for Non-Residents for 2007-08     3240

C.    Naming of Mary Murphy Library                                      1360

D.    First Reading of Policy                                                  5114

       # 5114 Suspension/Expulsion; Student Due Process

E.     Math Textbook Approval                                               6141.1

F.    Community Conversation                                               1000

G.    Branford’s Vision:  Interim Report                                   1000

H.    CABE Resolution                                                           1500

I.      Chinese Trip                                                                  2112

J.     Superintendent’s Contract                                              2131    


    XIII.        Board Reports – ACES & CABE Representatives, and Early Childhood/Discovery

    XVI.        Information Items:

     XV.        Executive Session (If Needed)