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Branford Public Schools Bus Routes: BHS WIS JBS MRT MTM


BUS NO.--DESCRIPTION                                            

2--Kenwood, Nicole, Shore, Grove, Midwood, Turtle Bay, Brocketts Point, Double Beach, Short Beach Road, Vineyard   PMOnly-stop at CVS

3--Windmill Hill,  Milo, Damascus, Christopher,  P.O. Road, Oak Hollow, Collins, Knollwood, Arrowhead, Woodvale, Riverside

5--Cedar, Palmer, Tyler, Kirkham, Maple, Reynolds, Driscoll, Breezy, Lindsley, Stannard, Goodsell Point, No. Harbor

7--Florence, Orchard Hill, Branford Hills Condo, The Greens,  Brainerd Rd.

8--Cocheco, Linden Ave, Old Pawson, Wakefield, Dorr, Pawson, Newton, South. Montowese

9--Ferndale, Austin Ryer, Bay Path, Laurel Hill, Red Rock, Rolling Hill, Piscitello, Cedar Knolls

10--146 No. Ivy, Brushy Plain Road, Homestead, Richill, Overland, Brookwood, Side Hill,  Heritage Hill, Hosley, Stratton Way, 226, 198, and 44 Brushy Plain Rd., No. Chestnut, No. Main

11--190 Main St., Waiting Station, Court,  Altman, Wilcox, Bassett, Upper Alps, South Village, Plymouth Colony, Katie Joe Lane, Cynthia, Burban,

12--Indian Neck Ave, Terhune, Harding, Frank, Ark, Toole, Meadow, Rogers, Hopson, Church, Averill Pl.,  Rice Ter.,  Bradley Ave.

14--Stony Creek Rd., Whiting Farm Rd., Howd, Watrous, Flat Rock Rd, Flat Rock Rd Ext, Whitewood, Tanglewood

15--Mill Plain, Marks Ct., Ramblewood, Northford Road, Ridge Acres, Flax Mill, DeForest, Brook Hills, Queach, Hickory Hill, Huntington

16--Gould, Wellesley, Conifer, Pine Tree, Pepperwood, Beechwood, 200 Damascus Rd., Patrick La., Corbin Cir

17--Featherbed, Medley, Applewood, Totoket, Hunting Ridge Farms, Thimble Farms, Hart, Pleasant Point, Fellsmere, Griffing Pond, Sunset Hill

AM-18--Sybil, Limewood, Hotchkiss Grove, The Avenues, Elizabeth, PO Road


19--Autumn Ridge, Wilbraham, Ludlow, Valley Brook So, Parish Farm, Todds Hill, Greenfield, Ramona, Front Entrance to Montoya, Sundance

20--Ivy and Rose, Front and Back entrance of Jefferson Woods Condo, Thimble Island Condo, Pent, Clancy, Liesel Lane

22--Briarwood, Stonegate, Shady Lane, Roby Ct., Marion, Rockledge Condo, Home Place,  North Harbor, Russell

23--Hemlock, Greens Farm, Foxbridge Village, Opening Hill, Cypress, Watch Hill, Millwood, Hazel

25--375 East Main, Bfd. Motel, 525 East Main, Leetes Island Road, Thimble Island Rd.,  Stony Creek Library and Post Office, Bowhay Hill, School, O'Connell Ct., Red Hill Rd., 320 East Main, Venice, Rivers Edge

27--West Main, Pompano, Gentile, Gilbert, Dominican, Rose Hill, Senior Citizens Center, Cherry Street, Lincoln, Monroe, Hopkins Ct.,



SM--1--PM--Shore, Grove, Midwood, Taylor Pl., Wilcox, Alps, So. Village, Katie Joe Ln., Plymouth Colony, Cynthia, Burban, Clancy, Liesl La.

SM--2--PM--Valley Brook Rd., Autumn Ridge Rd., Wilbraham, Valley Brook So.,  Parish Farm, Todds Hill, Back Entrance to Cedar Knolls

3--Hickory Hill, Huntington, Brook Hills, Queach, Coachman, Carriage Hill, 176 and 164 Mill Plain Rd., Rivers Edge, Venice, Windmill Hill Rd.                                        

SM--4--PM--Mill Plain Road, Buttermilk, Ramblewood, Northford Road, Ridge Acres, Flax Mill, 120 Mill Plain Rd., Marks Ct., and Windmill Hill Road - St. Marys only.

SM--5--PM--Montowese Street, Rice Ter., Averill Place, Church Street, Prospect, Rogers, Maple Street, Harbor Street, Breezy Lane, Lindsley, Kelly Crest, Kenwood

SM--7--PM--146 No. Ivy, Richill, Laurel Hill, Red Rock, Rolling Hill, Piscitello  

SM--8--PM--East Main St., Willow, Hamre, Main, Chestnut Street, Ivy St., Silver, Rose, Cedar, Palmer, Bradley Avenue,  AM only 113, 119, and 123 Cedar St.          

SM--9--PM--Lincoln, Monroe, Cherry Hill Road, Greenfield, Avon, Montoya, Riverview Crossing and PM only Bradley Ave.

10--Florence, Orchard Hill, The Greens, Brainerd Rd., Bfd. Hills SACC, 183 No. Main St., North Chestnut St.

SM--11--Thimble Is. Condos, Front & Back entrance of Jefferson Woods, Pent, Bfd. Hills SACC, 81 Main, Home Pl., North Harbor.

12--Main and Tyler, Kirkham, , Linden, Pawson, Fenway, Wakefield, Dorr, Cocheco Ave.,South Montowese St.

SM--13--PM--Briarwood, Stonegate Condos, Lower Alps

SM--14--PM--513 Leetes Is. Rd, Flat Rock Rd. & Ext, Old New England, Whitewood, Tanglewood, Eastwood, Ashman

15--PM--116 No, Main, 145 Cedar St., Ferndale Condos, Is View Condos, Homestead, Brookwood, Side Hill, Hosley, Stratton Way, Brushy Plain Rd.

16--PM--Hunting Ridge Rd., Stony Creek Rd, Howd Ave., Watrous, School St., Bowhay Hill, Thimble Is. Rd., Library,  S.C. Post Office, Leetes Is. Rd., Gould, Wellsweep, Featherbed

17--PM--320 and 525 East Main, School Ground Rd., Featherbed, Applewood, Sunset Hill, Meadow Wood, Griffing Pond

18--PM--Sybil, Wilford Rd, Limewood, Crouch, Haycock, 8th, 5th, 4th, 2nd,  Lake, Hart, Thimble Farms, Pleasant Point, Fellsmere

SM--19--PM--Nicole, Brocketts Pt., Turtle Bay, Waiting Station, Court, Altman, Shore Drive, Berry Patch, Short Beach, Plant

SM--20--193 Brushy Plain Road, Hemlock, Woodland Hills, Foxbridge, Opening Hill, Watch Hill, Forest Edge Club House & Field Pt. Rd., Millwood  

SM--22--PM--P.O. Rd, Oak Hollow, Collins, Knollwood, Arrowhead, Hotchkiss Grove  Rd., First Ave., Selden, Spring Rock Rd., Yowago, Crescent Bluff,

SM--23--PM--Wildwood, Woodvale Rd. Ext., Woodvale, Oakdale, Riverside,  Damascus  Rd.,  Joseph Way, Christopher Rd.

SM--24--PM--West Main St, Beaver, Pompano, Gentile, Gilbert, Alex Warfield, Dominican, Rose Hill, 211 East Main Street

25--PM--Pepperwood, Beechwood, Acorn, Lomartra, Wellesley, Conifer, Pine Tree, Whiting Farm Rd.

SM--26--PM--Stannard, Rock Pasture, Old Smugglers, Goodsell, Harbor, Driscoll, Mill Creek,  Bryan

27--PM--Indian Neck Ave., Harding, Frank, Fairlawn, Field, Ark, Toole,



13--AM--North Ivy, 116 No. Main, 66 Cedar St.

PM--75--113 & 123 Cedar, 146 No. Ivy

8--Ivy St.,  Main St.,  East Main St., Hillside, Rose St., Cedar, Palmer Rd.

9--Manorwood, Chestnut St., Montowese St., Damberg Place, Averill Pl, Bradley Ave., Rice Ter., Riverside, Wildwood, Rocky Ledge

10--Cedar, Cherry, Monroe, Lincoln, Hopkins Ct., Elm, Russell, Bradley St.,Oak, Hammer Pl., Rogers St.

11--Harbor St., McKinnel Ct., Goodsell Pt., Mariners Way, Stannard, Old Smugglers, Rock Pasture, Howard, Double Beach, Johnsons Pt.

12--Main and John St., Kirkham, Driscoll,  Bryan, Reynolds,  Mill Creek, Maple, Breezy, Swift, Lindsley, Berry Patch, Kenwood, Rock Ledge Condo, Home Place, 539 Main

20--Shore Drive, Grove, Midwood, Taylor, Wilcox, Court, Altman, Pentecost, Alps, Bfd. Hills Playcare

27--Indian Neck Ave., Frank St., Weir St., Toole, So. Montowese,  Ark, Woodside, Tabor, Sybil Creek, Fairlawn, Woodlawn, Harding


BUS  NO.--DESCRIPTION                                            

5--Sybil, Wilford, Limewood, Waverly, Haycock, Hotchkiss Grove Rd., The Avenues, Yowago, Birch Rd.

14--Leetes Island, Flat Rock Rd & Ext, Ash Creek, Whitewood, TangleWood, Eastwood

16--Featherbed, Shoreline Trailor Pk., Branford Motel, School Ground Rd,  Applewood, Patrick, Milo

17--Windmill Hill, 280 East Main, 11 Mill Plain Rd. Northford, Flax Mill, DeForest, Dorchester, Marks Court, Riverview Crossing

18--Linden Ave, Pawson, Montgomery, Fenway,Wakefield, Dorr, Bayberry, Soundview Hts., Cocheo, PM-Bfd. Recreation Dept.

22--Joseph Way, PO Rd, Oak Hollow, Knollwood, Arrowhead, Hotchkiss Grove Rd., Selden, Spring Rock, Crescent Bluff, Lake, Hart, Club Pkwy, Totoket Rd., Pleasant Point,  Fellsmere, 220 & 208 Damascus Rd.

23--Ramblewood, Buttermilk, Northford, Dorchester, Ridge Acres, Brook Hills, Coachman, Surrey, Queach, Mill Plain Rd, Hickory Hill

25--Stony Creek Rd, Howd, School, Thimble Island Rd., S.C. Post Office, Library, BowhayHill, Leetes Island Rd., Wellesley, Fir Tree, Pine Tree, Conifer, Whiting Farm, Hunting Ridge

26--Sunset Hill, Meadow Wood, Griffing Pond, Pepperwood, Beechwood, Acorn, Gould, Wellsweep


BUS  NO.--DESCRIPTION                                            

1--26 North Main, Katie Joe Ln., Spice Bush, Plymouth Colony, BurbanDrive, The Greens, Brainerd Rd., Hoadley Rd., Clancy Rd., Liesel Ln.

2--Todds Hill, Circle, Greenfield, Avon, Parish Farm, Valley Brook South, Wilbraham, Autumn Ridge, High Meadow

3--Jefferson Rd, Thimble Island Condo, Duck Pond Day Care, Front and Back Entrance of Jefferson Woods, Helen, Pent, Sunny Meadow

4--Homestead, Laurel Hill, Red Rock, Bear Path, Pineview, Piscitello

7--Florence Rd., Orchard Hts. Condo, Orchard Hill Rd., Mathew Rd., Back & Front entrances to Montoya, Sundance, Cherry Hill Rd, Romana, 69 Parish Farm Rd.

13--Hemlock, Ash, Woodland Hills, Foxbridge, Opening Hill, Field Point, Watch Hill, The Meadows

15--Ferndale, Island View Condo's, Richill, Brushy Plain, Brookwood, Mountain Top, Side Hill, Heritage Hill, Hosley,  PM-Bfd. Rec. Dept.

19--West Main, Pompano, Gentile, Gilbert, Alex Warfield, Dominican, Rose Hill, Pinski, and Kidz Town Day Care

24--Lower Alps Rd.,  Briarwood,  Roby Ct.,  Marion


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