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Dear Parents and Guardians: 

As you may have heard, the CDC has released new quarantine guidelines. However, as of today, the CT Governor’s office has not announced any changes to the quarantine periods we currently follow.  Therefore, the CT DPH quarantine periods, which are what the district follows, have not changed.  Should the DPH make a change, we will be notified by our local health department and modify our procedures in accordance with the updated standards, and share the updated information with you.

I also want to share the framework for addressing inclement weather situations.  In the event we have a significant weather event causing potential interruptions to utilities, community services and the like, the District would likely cancel school.  Should the weather event be short in duration and its effects limited, the District would likely declare a remote learning day. In each instance, as much prior notice would be provided to the faculty and families as possible.  As we move into the winter months and experience more of the pandemic’s impact, it is important for us to remain flexible. 

Regardless of the immediate incoming weather, families should have a plan for their child to learn remotely, as unforeseen situations arise.

As we persevere, I am encouraged by the reality that brighter days await us.  As you prepare for a well-deserved break in December, I am grateful for your actions since last spring through which you have partnered with us in creating a culture of safety and supporting the education of your child.  What you have done and continue to do will always be remembered.  Thank you for your courage and resolve.


 Hamlet M. Hernandez

Superintendent of Schools