Superintendent Hernandez and some young students

  Vision for Curriculum Development                                                                                    

         The Branford Public Schools believes that...

  • content knowledge must be organized into meaningful patterns in order for students to retain what they have learned

  • students must have an ample opportunity to apply their knowledge in a variety of authentic contexts and conditions

  • effective curriculum must focus on providing opportunities for students to transfer their learning to novel situations, within and across content areas, as well as in future learning

  • student learning outcomes must be prioritized so that in-depth learning can take place

  • curriculum based on a backward design process ensures that learning is focused on deeper understandings and transfer of learning

  • student understanding is deepened when the instruction is based on authentic experiences that are not found in textbooks or activity-based learning

  • multiple perspectives and experiences generate better solutions, so educators can develop more powerful curriculum by working collaboratively

  • curriculum should be revised continuously and will be reviewed regularly against design standards and intended outcomes for students

  • evidence of student understanding is revealed through performance

  • teachers are coaches of understanding, not purveyors of content