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The mission of Branford High School is to prepare students to be independent and collaborative learners who are responsible, informed, and contributing members of society. In partnership with the community, we strive to provide a learning environment that supports all students in embracing diversity, acting with integrity, and achieving their personal and academic potential.

Lee Panagoulias, Jr., Principal

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we approach the end of yet another challenging school year, there is no doubt that summer break will provide us all with much needed time to recharge. Free from the demands of the scheduled school day, summer break also provides a great opportunity for students to pursue reading opportunities that interest them while practicing the skills that they learned throughout the school year. In keeping with our philosophy that summer reading should help maintain students’ reading skills and strategies while fostering their love of reading, Branford High School has not set a specific reading list for those students who are registered for standard level English classes during the 2022-2023 school year . We want students to read what interests and engages them.

We know that many parents/guardians find it helpful when a list of recommended books is provided. Therefore, we are including a few websites that have reading lists of titles appropriate for high school students. Please note that these are not required book lists; they are intended only as a resource. English teachers are more than happy to provide students with guidance on genres and titles and can be reached via school email.

The Blackstone Library is hosting “An Ocean of Possibilities,” a summer program that will allow students of all ages to read, write, explore, and collaborate. If you would like more information on this, please click on the link below or visit the Blackstone Library website. Finally, students can access E books as well as audio books through the Hoopla app, which can be downloaded on their mobile device.

Thank you for partnering with us in your child’s education. We hope that you have a happy and healthy summer!

The BHS English Department.

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