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Thomas Ermini
Branford Public Schools
District Athletic Director
(203) 315-5676
Laura Freiss
Branford Public Schools
Athletic Department Administrative Assistant
(203) 315-6735
(203) 315-3511 FAX
Jake Palluzzi
Co-Athletic Director
(203) 315-6746
Savas Synodi
Co-Athletic Director
(203) 315-6745

Arthur Roy
Branford Public Schools
Athletic Trainer
(203) 315-6735

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  • NCAA eligibility  information and clearinghouse can be found HERE.
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Lockers and uniforms

It would be to your student’s benefit to have a lock. There are lockers available in the Athletic locker room for seasonal sports use. We assume no responsibility for equipment/uniforms or personal items left in an unlocked locker. In almost all cases your student/athlete will be issued a uniform and or equipment. Pertinent to the team he/she is a member of. This uniform/equipment is the property of Branford High School Athletics. It is important for you to remember that any and all equipment/uniforms must be returned to the coach at the end of the season – IN THE CONDITION IS WAS ISSUED. If uniforms/equipment are not returned you will be financially responsible for its replacement.


If In you encounter any problems regarding your child and his/her coach, your first step in alleviating conflicts would be to approach the coach. If there is no resolution, PLEASE feel free to contact the Athletic Director if you have a problem with your athlete or coach. They are here to help, assist, guide and reassure if a problem arises. They can’t help if they don’t know there is a problem. (Please see contact information above.)

Booster Clubs

Booster Clubs are an integral part of the Branford Athletic Program and play an important role in the support of our student athletes, coaches and programs. The purpose of the athletic booster club is to help support athletic programs in areas such as fundraising to provide for the enhancement of the respective programs in any numbers of ways. It way be provided but not limited to team warm-ups, a piece of equipment, provide a team dinner, scholarships or other needs that the Branford Athletic Department cannot provide.

Most sports have a Booster Club and are always looking for new members. If you are interested in becoming a member of a Booster Club, please call the office and we can steer you in the right direction. Your participation makes a tremendous impact and a fairly painless way of being involved.

Senior Night

Whether our athletes have competed in a sport from when they were very young, or have recently taken up a sport when they came to Branford High School, all deserve to be recognized when their athletic journey is over. In our efforts to maintain a balance between the celebration that should occur, and the financial/time burdens placed on our students and families, we would ask that each of you please review the “requirements” in place for such celebrations; and communicate explicit limits or restrictions on weekly gifts, end of year gifts and projects, and senior day expectations. We ask you to limit setup for senior day balcony celebrations to one-hour before school (6:15am) on the day of the scheduled celebration. Thank you!