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District Summer 2020 Science Enrichment Letter

Branford Public Schools

Dear Parents and Guardians,

During the school year, the Branford Public Schools Science Department encourages students to think and act like scientists. We create situations for them to be curious, to investigate, to answer their own questions, and solve problems. We strive to build students’ skills so they can become self-directed learners and creative thinkers.

To support the continuation of these practices over the summer, the Branford Public Schools Science Department has put together resources for students to explore their curiosity on their own. Research shows that students who are curious are more likely to have higher achievement in school. The resources we have chosen give students the opportunity to play, experiment, search, and discover in a variety of disciplines and topics, hoping that they find something that interests them and sparks more questions and more exploring.

The resources are divided up into grade bands and types of resources. For example, we have a section for Virtual Field Trips and one on at home Experiments. Students can use one, some, or all of the linked resources. Students might even make their own copy of the board and continue adding their favorite resources. Whatever interest your student has they can use this resource to explore further, dig deeper, and create something new.

Link to Grades 6-7 Board

Link to Grades 8-9 Board

Thank you for encouraging your child to continue their science learning in the next couple of months. We hope you have a happy and healthy summer!