Important Update from the Superintendent of Schools​​ - Update #16

May 22, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

Throughout the school closure your exceptional acts for your family have been inspirational.  Supporting your child emotionally, socially, and educationally during the pandemic is difficult and even more so, when you consider the other things you manage.  You are remarkable!  Over time, the current situation will change but the memories be something you will draw upon in the future.

At this point, we are waiting for clear direction from State officials regarding school reopening. Any definitive directive from the State or Public Health regarding next year shall be shared. Although many ideas about the fall are being verbalized, we will refrain from speculating, until we have reliable information from which we can finalize school reopening concepts. 

Despite the waiting, we are coordinating with Public Health to determine the requirements that must be met prior to school reopening. We are also incorporating the results of the parent/guardian survey on BPS Flex Learning so we can improve the remote experience for students and families.  For your information, the results of the survey can be found here.  Next week, we will survey teachers and students as their perspectives are important for our long-term remote learning plan. We anticipate BPS Flex Learning will be an important component of any future educational program in Branford.

In the weeks ahead, you can expect the following things to take place:

*  The retrieval of student belongings                                    *  Device retrieval for graduating students

*  BPS Flex Learning culminating assignments                       *  Explanation of summer learning opportunities

*  Report cards and final grades                                             *  Modified end-of-the-year celebrations

Building principals will provide additional information related to the above bullets.

In closing, I wish to express my deepest admiration for how you are dealing with the dramatic changes in our school district. Your selfless acts of kindness, compassion, and empathy towards others is a profound lesson to students.  I wish each of you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and please join me in thanking the women and men who sacrifice so much so we can live freely, even during a pandemic.

Warm regards,

Hamlet M. Hernandez

Superintendent of Schools