School Based Health Center

General Information

A School Based Health Center ( SBHC) is a fully licensed primary care facility, providing a range of physical and mental health services. Branford school system is fortunate to have three SBHC's that are integrated into Walsh Intermediate School, Branford High School and Mary T Murphy Elementary School. The SBHC's are very unique programs that provide confidential, comprehensive health care to students right on school grounds.

All SBHC's are satellite clinics of Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH) and are fully licensed outpatient health facilities. They are staffed with YNHH pediatric and adolescent health specialists, including nurse practitioners, social workers and a consulting physician. The SBHC staff works closely with the school nurses and key school support staff in identifying and treating student health issues.

Services emphasize prevention, as well as the early detection and treatment of physical and mental health concerns. The SBHC's unique combination of medical care and counseling along with health education reinforces healthy lifestyles. SBHC staff often present to classes about health topics and offer support groups dealing with topics like asthma, weight management, and stress reduction.

Who can use the Services at the SBHC?

All students enrolled in Walsh Intermediate School, Branford High School and Murphy Elementary School are encouraged to use the SBHC. Parents or guardians must complete a permission form in order to enroll their adolescent.

Once a parent or legal guardian signs a permission form that child or adolescent is enrolled in the center and can receive medical or mental health services free of charge.

The center is not intended to replace the family's primary care provider. Health care received at the SBHC is an additional service that works in collaboration with doctors and mental health providers in the community. All families benefit from the presence of a SBHC in their school.

Are there any fees for using the SBHC's Services?

The SBHC is funded by the Connecticut State Department of Public Health and is the result of a partnership between the Branford Board Of Education and Yale New Haven Hospital. The SBHC provides mental health and medical care at no cost to families in a convenient, confidential setting. There are no charges to the students for care received at the health center.

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