Early Years Center

Target Population: Pre-school children with special needs.

Services: The Early Years Center provides consultation, evaluation, and any required special education and related services including instruction in special education, speech and language development, fine and or gross motor assistance and behavioral management to those children who have been determined eligible through the Planning and Placement Team process. Learning takes place in a language-based program that recognizes the unique needs of all students.

Eligibility Requirements: The Early Years Center provides free monthly developmental screenings and completes evaluations upon referral when appropriate. Special Education and or consultation services are determined according to the Connecticut State Department of Education guidelines.

Costs: None

Family Resource Center

The "FRC" provides resources and referrals to other Branford Public School or community services.

At Indian Neck School we have daily infant/toddler playgrounds for children for birth to age 5. Three parent educators provide developmental checklists, information, and personal visits.

The center has a lending library with a variety of books and videotapes on parenting issues. Additionally, the FRC offers three-hour morning and afternoon preschool classes for three and four-year-olds.

The School Readiness classroom provides a high-quality full-day childcare program for 16 Branford children and uses a sliding scale.

Parent education programs, literacy programs, evening playgroups and story hours are available to all who use FRC. Referrals are made for School-Aged Child Care, Adult Education, and community home and center child care programs. The FRC works with the community to provide positive youth opportunities and resources for home care providers.

School-Aged Child Care (SACC)

Branford School Aged Child Care(SACC) provides a quality childcare program that is accessible and affordable
to families, and is available during times when school is not in session.

The SACC Program operates Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. with different programs to fit your needs.

A summer camp is also available.

The program is designed for grades Kindergarten through middle school.