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Dear Branford Public Schools Community:

Happy Holidays!  I hope your winter break is full of relaxation and good health.  Like so much of 2020, this year’s holiday season is shaping up to be a first.  As we prepare to take a long-deserved respite, I implore you to remain vigilant about following public health measures.  During the winter break it is important we all do our part to keep our loved ones and the community as safe as possible.  If you plan on traveling, please follow the guidelines noted in the travel advisory.  By doing so, you directly contribute to our culture of safety.

 For your information, the updated decision-tree used by the District when a student or staff member becomes symptomatic at school can be accessed here.  The decision-tree for when a student or staff member is asymptomatic can be accessed hereThe documents reflect the most recent quarantine periods established by our local health department which the district follows.    

Throughout the pandemic your ability to adapt to changing conditions has been inspiring. This holiday season it is critically important we remain aware of the choices we make.  By moderating our behavior, avoiding congregate settings, wearing masks even among family and friends, and adhering to the travel advisory we take positive steps toward moving closer to a post-pandemic time.   By enduring some inconvenience now, we increase the likelihood of a quicker return to our time-honored traditions.  You have been amazing throughout this ordeal and your positive role modeling is important for our children’s sense of hope.  This holiday season let’s give the gift of health to each other!


Hamlet M. Hernandez

Superintendent of Schools