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August 2023

Dear Parent/ Guardian of Branford Public School Student(s):

The food service staff is busy preparing for the opening of schools! The school nutrition program is an essential part of the education system and, by providing good-tasting, nutritious meals in pleasant surroundings, we are supporting the learning environment and helping to teach students the value of good nutrition.

While the programs that made possible no cost meals to all students for the past three years are no longer available, I am pleased to announce a new program through which the State of Connecticut will be providing STABLE (State Transition Assistance for Breakfast and Lunch Expenses) funds.  With these funds, all Branford students will be offered breakfast at no cost and Branford students who qualify for Free or Reduced-price meals, will receive lunch at no cost (i.e., Reduced-eligible students will eat for free).  Therefore, it is particularly important that families whose children might qualify for Reduced-price meals complete and submit the enclosed Application for Free and Reduced-price School Meals.  This funding program applies to first meals only; a second meal taken in a given day must be paid at full price by all students.

If you have received a NOTICE OF DIRECT CERTIFICATION for free or reduced-price meals, do not complete the application unless instructed to do so by the district. Free meal benefits are extended to all children in a household when directly certified. If any children in your household are not listed on your Notice of Direct Certification letter, please call 203-315-7806 for assistance.

If your family is at all near the income eligibility guidelines and you have not received a Notice of Direct Certification, please take the time to apply. Information you provide on the application is confidential and only seen by one, trained person unless you appeal the decision. lf you would like to apply for Free and Reduced-price meals, please complete, sign, and return the yellow form so that your eligibility can be determined.  In order to maximize confidentiality, we are collecting all applications at the Board of Education Central Office, 185 Damascus Road, Branford, CT 06405. Please do not return the application to your child's school.

Included in your packet are:

•          2023-2024 Application for Free and Reduced-price School Meals (Yellow Form)

•          Branford Public Schools Breakfast and Lunch Program and MySchool Bucks overview

•          Board of Education Meal Charging Policy and Administrative Regulation-Bad Debt (5875P)

•          Branford Public Schools calendar 2023-24 (also on

•          Frequently Asked Questions about Free and Reduced-Price School Meals

•          Addendum C: Information on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

•          Addendum B: Information about Connecticut's HUSKY child health insurance plans

•          Information on Student Accident Insurance

lf you have any questions, please contact Maria Cacace, Determining Official at (203) 315-7806. If your situation changes or you change your mind, you may apply any time during the school year.

Thank you,
Donald A Neel 

Chief Operating Officer

Students                         5875P


The Branford Board of Education (the “Board”) recognizes the importance of providing nutritious food to students in the Branford Public Schools (the “District”). 

The Board is a sponsor of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Services’ Child Nutrition Programs, including the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the School Breakfast Program (SBP), and the District shall adhere to the federal and state guidelines and regulations pertaining to these school Child Nutrition Programs.  In accordance with federal law, the Board will make a public announcement and notify parents and guardians of the eligibility criteria for free and reduced-price meals and provide information regarding how a household may make an application for these benefits.  Such notice and application will generally be distributed at the beginning of each school year.   

Charging Meals

The District uses an automated prepayment system for student meal accounts.  Students whose accounts have insufficient funds, and who do not bring a meal or other funds to school to pay for meals, may charge meals to their meal accounts.  Students will be informed of their right to purchase a meal, which excludes a la carte items, for any school breakfast, lunch or other meal offered by the District, even if the student’s account has insufficient funds.

The Board prohibits publicly identifying or shaming a student for any unpaid meal charges, including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Delaying or refusing to serve a meal to such student;

  • Designating a specific meal option for the student; or

  • Otherwise taking any disciplinary action against the student.  

Collection of Unpaid Meal Charges

The District’s efforts to recover from households money owed due to the charging of meals must not have a negative impact on the children involved and shall focus primarily on the adults in the household responsible for providing funds for meal purchases. The District shall consider whether the benefits of potential collections outweigh the costs that would be incurred to achieve those collections.

For purposes of this policy, “delinquent debt” means unpaid meal charges.  

The District will contact the parents/guardians of students who charge meals to their meal accounts in order for the District to collect the delinquent debt. The first such communication will be a written communication, by mail or e-mail, after five (5) meal(s) have been charged. Subsequent written and verbal communications with parents/guardians concerning delinquent debt will be made by the building administrator or designee, as may be necessary and appropriate.  All communications regarding unpaid meal charges shall be made directly and discreetly to parents/guardians.  Written communications with parents/guardians regarding collection of a student’s unpaid meal charges shall include an application for free or reduced-price meals, information on local food pantries and the Connecticut Department of Social Services’ supplemental nutrition assistance program, and a link to the District’s or Town’s website that lists any community services available to Town residents. 

In the event a student’s unpaid meal charges are equal to or more than the cost of thirty (30) meals, the parents/guardians of such student will be referred to the District’s homeless education liaison.

The Board shall comply with applicable federal and state laws and other federal or state requirements concerning the collection of unpaid meal charges, including but not limited to requirements relating to delinquent debt and “bad debt,” as defined by federal law, and record-keeping relating thereto.  The Board may accept gifts, donations or grants from any public or private sources for the purpose of paying off any unpaid charges for school lunches, breakfasts or other such feeding.

Dissemination of Policy

This policy shall be provided in writing to all households at the start of each school year and to households transferring to the District during the school year.  This policy shall be provided to all District staff responsible for its enforcement. In addition, school social workers, nurses, the homeless liaison, and other staff members assisting children in need or who may be contacted by families with unpaid meal charges shall be informed of this policy.

The District shall maintain, to the extent required by law, documentation of the methods used to communicate this policy to households and District staff responsible for policy enforcement.

The District shall provide this policy to the Connecticut State Department of Education during Administrative Reviews.

The Superintendent or designee may, if necessary and appropriate, develop administrative regulations in furtherance of this policy.

Legal References:

State law:

Connecticut General Statutes 

§ 10-215 Lunches, breakfasts and other feeding programs for public school children and employees.

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Federal law:

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ADOPTED:  10-19-2022



Christopher J. Tranberg, PH.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Chief Operating Officer

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185 Damascus Road, Branford CT 06405-3717
203.488.7276 * Fax 203.315.3505 

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Branford Public Schools purchases Student Athletic Accident insurance that covers students for injuries that occur while participating in interscholastic sports including football, intramural sports, band, cheerleading, gym, recess and non-sport extra-curricular activities that are school sponsored and supervised. The plan is subject to policy conditions, exclusions and maximums and pays in excess of any plan in force for the student. This plan does not otherwise cover students if injured at school or outside of school. There is a common misperception that the District carries insurance that would pay for any injury sustained by a student or adult on school grounds; it does not.

Student Accident Coverage is available for purchase by parents on a voluntary basis which can pay for medical expenses arising out of those school related injuries that are not covered under the plan purchased by the district. There is an option for 24-hour protection as well.

The plan is underwritten by Mutual of Omaha and administered by Health Special Risk (HSR). Benefits will be paid only for such expense which is not recoverable from any other insurance policy.  Please see the attached flyer and brochure/application for details on plan options and rates.

 If you wish to insure your child, please visit to access the online brochure and enrollment information for the 2023-2024 plan year. We encourage you to review the brochure for a further explanation of insurance coverage details and exclusions. All enrollment forms, must be submitted electronically through the aforementioned website or mailed to Health Special Risk, Inc. by the parent at the address listed below. Coverage will be effective the first day of school (if coverage is purchased prior), 12:01 a.m. on the day following the online purchase, or the date the mailed application is received in the Health Special Risk Office.

 Health Special Risk, Inc.
P.O. Box 957824
St. Louis, MO  63195-7824

 If you have any questions at all regarding coverage, please contact Health Special Risk directly at (866) 409-5733.


Donald A. Neel
Chief Operating Officer




We are once again offering you the opportunity to purchase student accident insurance for your child. The enrollment form for the school year 2023-2024 may be obtained from the website

The student accident insurance pays claims on a primary basis and covers accidental injuries regardless of liability. The only exclusions are explained in the brochure. This information has been provided by Bollinger Specialty Group and they recommend performing a careful review of coverage, benefits and plans.

SCHOOL-TIME PLAN (to-from-at-school)
Maximum Accident Medical Benefit $500,000
Maximum Dismemberment Benefit $ 20,000
Accidental Death Benefit $ 10,000
Annual Premium All Grades - Per Pupil $ 25.00

Maximum Accident Medical Benefit $500,000
Maximum Dismemberment Benefit $ 20,000
Accidental Death Benefit $ 10,000
Annual Premium All Grades - Per Pupil $ 88.00

If you should have any questions regarding this coverage, please do not hesitate to contact the program administrator, Bollinger Specialty Group, as indicated on the enrollment brochure. The plans do not cover Interscholastic Sports as the Board of Education provides this coverage separately.

 Claim status can also be checked online at