Global Learning Competencies

Branford Public Schools prepares its students to succeed in the interdependent global society. BPS scholars are --

Effective Communicators and Collaborators
  • Clearly and coherently conveys written, verbal, & digital information designed for different audiences
  • Exchanges & evaluates ideas to achieve a common objective
  • Actively listens and appropriately contributes
  • Values other people’s perspectives & learns from them
Self-Directed Learners
  • Pursue interests & curiosities, learning to learn
  • Expresses creativity & innovation, considering and pursuing novel ideas and solutions
  • Designs, implements, perseveres, & assesses personal learning goals
  • Demonstrates effective time management, self-regulation, and responsibility
Critical Thinkers
  • Uses flexible approaches & strategies to evaluate information & arguments
  • Changes thinking based on new learning or experiences
  • Develops the ability to question, reason & problem solve
  • Meaningful knowledge construction: acquires & synthesizes information to solve problems & draw conclusions
Active, Well-Rounded Citizens
  • A global perspective, understands and appreciates diversity
  • Embraces the importance of civic & social responsibilities
  • Maintains strong interpersonal relationships
  • Demonstrates empathy & kindness for diverse perspectives and world views